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Risk Management Consulting

Shawneva Consulting

 Founded in  2018

Our Core Values

Shawneva Consulting’s core value is to help people by empowering and educating them – whether our Clients, Staff or Industry Partners.


Shawneva Consulting delivers this value through innovative and proactive thinking.  It is this approach which maximises the opportunities our clients enjoy.  


Shawneva Consulting is committed to developing long term successful relationships with each and every client by going beyond traditional ‘Consultant’s Tasks’. We will take the time to align ourselves with your business objectives to create sustainable business growth and results.  


Shawneva Consulting will keep you accountable and work with you to achieve your goals.  We will provide strategic value to you by learning about you and your business, listening to what you want to achieve and then maximising our resources to ensure your business reduces wastage and improves the bottom line.

"Sense and deal with problems in their smallest state, before they grow bigger and become fatal."

Value 01.


We will recognise the value of our clients by giving them listening ears, respect, courtesy, and total concentration. This means paying attention to our clients, not just listening to our own needs and desires, and also giving genuine contemplation to our client’s objectives and goals.  

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