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We have a rich history and deep expertise in Shopify strategy, design, development, and optimisation. We stay closely connected to the team and developments at Shopify to ensure we stay across all platform feature upgrades and releases to ensure we are bringing the most up-to-date solutions to our merchant clients.

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Designing your Shopify Store

There are basically three types of Internal Audit (IA) structures that organisations can choose to adopt, In-house, co-sourced or out-sourced. Choosing which structure your organisation should adopt is important because the internal audit activity must have qualified, skilled and experienced people. 


Setting up Google Shopping

We assist organisations enhance their systems and procedures, strengthen controls and improve operating performance. We offer a comprehensive suite of Governance, Risk & Compliance services to not-for-profit, public sector and private clients in Australia. 


Setting up Facebook Business Manager

We understand that each business is different and can help analyse how to help your business from start to finish. Shawneva Consulting can help your business identify areas of improvement to resolve issues, resulting in efficient workflows, better communication, cost savings and overall improved business performance.


Purchasing your domains and setting up business email accounts

As the world comes to an almost stand still, and most of our clients embark on their journey to work from home, Shawneva Consulting have decided to offer our "Unpacking the IIA's IPPF Standards" webinar for free. 

We firmly believe that no matter the industry, every ecommerce business is unique and deserves a tailored strategy.