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02. Enterprise Risk Management

We assist organisations enhance their systems and procedures, strengthen controls and improve operating performance. We offer a comprehensive suite of Governance, Risk & Compliance services to not-for-profit, public sector and private clients in Australia. 


We offer:

  • Designing the Enterprise Risk Management Framework, Policies and Procedures

  • Organisation Risk Management Health Check which includes compliance with AS ISO 31000:2018 and Prudential Standard CPS 220 Risk Management

  • Risk Identification and Assessment Workshops for Operational and Strategic risks

  • Risk Management processes training for Board members, Senior Executives and Management.

  • Business Continuity and Crisis Planning

  • Assurance Mapping

In today’s world, Risk Management Frameworkshave become frameworks that work better on paper than in practice, which is mainly attributed to the prevailing culture of lack of ownership of the Risk Management Framework. 


A sound risk culture is one that is consistent with the organisation’s risk appetite or strategy and is appropriately embedded across different parts of the business. 

We assist our clients by conducting a Risk Culture Assessment, which will result in recommendations for the organisation to turn around and change its culture towards Risk which will include a clear tone at the top and role modelling of good risk behaviours by leaders, constructive challenge from a range of perspectives, timely and transparent information flows without fear of blame, and a consistent approach to risk management through the economic cycle.


We also assist Organisations in identifying gaps in their Three Lines Model (previously known as Three Lines of Defence Model) implementation by assessing the organisation structure and reporting lines associated with the Operational Risks.

Designing your Enterprise Risk management Framework

We are subject matter experts in designing an Enterprise Wide Risk Management Framework (ERMF), having done so for many organisations including ASX listed companies, Local Governments, Government Agencies and Not-For-Profit organisations.

Many organisations have an ERMF that's either outdated or not relevant to most departments of the organisation. a perfect example of this is what the Engineering or Finance Divisions need from the ERMF could be very different from what the Work Place Health and Safety Department would need from the ERMF.  This is a common situation, and we specialise in workshopping with the various divisions and departments to re-design your ERMF to make it relevant company wide. 

We have done this for many of our clients no matter how big or small their budget and organisation is, and can surely do this for you.

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Get in touch with us to see how we can help you design an Industry Best Practice ERMF aligned with ISO 31000:2018 and also facilitate meaningful Risk Management workshops with your executives to populate your Strategic and Operational Risk Registers 

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