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e-Commerce Store Design

We believe in knowing and understanding your journey thus far and understanding where you want to get before we become partners.

What makes us stand out is our collective expertise in web designing, marketing and fulfilment. Although we can, we prefer not to look at your business in piecemeal rather a holistic approach on how to set up a successful eCommerce Store.

We start with the fundamental requirements of domains, emails and contact requirements before even jumping on the design, as these little bits will help you win the Marathon in optimising your Google SEOs. 

All our prices are fixed and are designed to be affordable because we understand the cost involved in a startup and we want your resources focused on your product and services!

Jewelery Site Web Design

Google Ads and Google Shopping

When you first launch your store you will start to get calls and emails from heaps of advertising agencies to set up the Google Ads and Google Shopping platforms for you. The management fees alone will eat into your profits, and what's worse, when you part ways with these agencies, so does the set up for the ads they made for you, and you will not be able to continue with the ads without paying them.

We operate differently, we set up the Google Shopping account for you, and link your Shopify e-Commerce store to Google Shopping. Once this is completed, you will be able to take over the entire account.


We will hold your hands and teach you the secrets, only marketing agencies know. 

Marketing Company

Set for Success

We will guide you through the business set up phase so you don't miss a step or spend money on mistakes. 

From setting up a domain and email addresses right up to setting up the shipping labels.


Once we are done, you will be the expert! 

Delivery Guy
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